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naivashasimba.jpgLocated 90 minutes away from Nairobi by road, Naivasha has long been the place for those seeking to get away from it all. Joy Adamson, author of Born Free made the shores her home, so did Lord Errol and a host of other well-known personalities. At 1880m above sea level, the air is cool, crisp and reinvigorating.

The Naivasha Simba Lodge is situated on the banks of Lake Naivasha, the cleanest lake in the Great Rift Valley. This fresh water lake was once Nairobi’s main landing strip for the luxury Flying Boats that came all the way from London. Travelers would then proceed to Nairobi by bus. It has no known outlet, which is considered a requisite for a fresh water lake!


You will feel your nerves quiet down as soon as you set your eyes on the lodge’s rich, manicured grounds. From here, the Mt Longonot, an extinct volcano, towers behind the lake imparting a soft, purple tinge.

These idyllic grounds upon which the Naivasha Simba is set, together with its countryside look make it the perfect location for conferences, wedding receptions, honeymoons and private retreats.

The world-class lodge has had the pleasure of hosting a number of important international conferences, with the Sudanese Peace Agreement that was attended by 15 heads of states and dignitaries such as Tabo Mbeki, Kofi Annan, Collin Powell and US senators, among them.

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